Silvia Bégin

Program Director

Silvia was born in Argentina but has been living in Canada for over 30 years. She has a Master of Adult Education Degree in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), Permanent Alberta Teaching Certification as well as other professional credentials in intercultural communication and international education.

Silvia’s long career has afforded her the opportunity to live, study and work in different countries. Over the years, she has served in various capacities as a language instructor, curriculum developer, teacher trainer, education director, international project manager and consultant in post-secondary educational institutions, professional associations, non-profit organizations, the public sector, the corporate sector, and international sector in Canada and abroad.


Silvia has also served in board leadership positions as President of ATESL (Alberta Teachers of English as Second Language), Vice-President of TESL Canada (National Association of Teachers of English as a Second Language), Liaison Officer between TESL Canada and TEASOL International (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), President of SIETAR Alberta (the Society Intercultural Education Training and Research), Board member of LCCC (the Latino Canadian Chamber of Commerce), and Board President of EHBA (Edmonton Hispanic Bilingual Association).

Silvia has a true passion for life-long learning and an insatiable desire to learn about other cultures.


Phone: (587)-357-9357

Classes: McKernan School (11330-76 ave, Edmonton, AB).

Mail: P.O. Box 52118 Garneau Edmonton, AB T6G 2T5.

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