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EHBA policies

Student registration:

1. All fees must be paid in full before a student enters a class.

2. Students must register before the start of each term at

3. Late registrations are subject to approval by the EHBA Board; late registrations are also subject to a late registration fee as described on EHBA’s website.



4. Fee reductions are not allowed due to missed classes by the student, unless the EHBA is forced to cancel or suspend a class due to emergency (fire, flood, medical emergency, etc.), in which case the EHBA will reimburse the corresponding amount of money as follows: a. Total fee paid by the student / 10 classes = amount reimbursed per class.

5. Paying by class attended is not permitted.

6. If paying by cheque, all cheques should be made payable to the "Edmonton Hispanic Bilingual Association" or “EHBA”.

7. If a cheque is issued to the EHBA by a student and it is returned by the bank (NSF), the student must immediately pay the EHBA the amount of the cheque plus a $20 service charge. The corresponding student is not permitted to attend class until payment has been received and processed.

8. The senior rate only applies to in-person classes for individuals who are 65 and over (must show valid photo ID). *does not apply to online classes*. Due to post-covid financial hardship, we have had to suspend discounts for the term of Spring 2024. 

9. The student rate applies to full- or part-time individuals who are currently enrolled in an academic program (valid photo ID is required). *does not apply to online classes* Due to post-covid financial hardship, we have had to suspend discounts for the term of Spring 2024. 


Course cancellation/student withdrawal:

10. Classes may be cancelled by the EHBA due to low enrollment, in which case students will receive the opportunity to change classes, credit for the following term, or a full refund.

11. Cancellations by the student are only allowed within the first two weeks of class, in which case the student will receive a full refund minus a $20 administrative fee. However, notice in writing (email to and registration receipt are required.

12. No refunds will be issued after the second week of classes. 


Class Attendance and group distribution:

13. No refunds will be given for classes missed by a student.

14. Students may only attend classes online if they chose that option and can only attend in-person if they chose that option. 

15. Students may transfer to a different level than the one they initially registered for, or they may change the class format (online or in-person) only with the written permission of an EHBA administrator, provided there is sufficient space to accommodate more students (at the administrator’s discretion).

16. Students may not transfer between classes of the same level once they have been assigned to a group.



17. Books might be returned 14 days after purchase if you bought them directly from EHBA, but they must be in good condition to receive a full refund or exchange.

18. Students agree not to hold the EHBA, or the Edmonton Public School Board, liable for damages to the property including automobiles, or personal injury resulting from accidental occurrences at the premises (halls, rooms, sidewalks, parking lots and yards adjacent to the school) at times and hours during which the EHBA rents space from the Edmonton Public School Board.

19. EHBA is not responsible for parking tickets issued to the student while attending classes at McKernan School. Please, read the city parking signs and regulations carefully.

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