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Ana Vicente Foster

Instructor (Advanced Conversation)

Ana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation degree in Spanish, English, and French from Malaga University, Spain. Also, Ana specializes in Conference Interpretation. Before working for EHBA, Ana was the recipient of an Erasmus Exchange Scholarship in Applied Languages at Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom. 

Additional extracurricular activities under Ana's belt include working as a translator and interpreter for TED Talks and conferences, including interpreting for Toni Nadal (uncle and former trainer of the tennis player, Rafael Nadal).


The multicultural background brought by Ana is partly influenced by her heritage considering that Ana is part Spanish, part British, and part Scottish. Ana currently works as a translator, interpreter, and language teacher. Ana is one of our newest members at EHBA, where she has taught levels 1, 3, and most recently the Advanced Conversation course. 

Ana's favorite quotes:

  • “Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.” - Günter Grass.

  • “The world is your oyster” - William Shakespeare.

Available for private/individual classes: Yes (time-permitting).

Ana Vicente Foster: Staff
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